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Operation Summer: watch out for extreme diets!

Sudden changes in weight can have serious consequences on your health. Say no to the bikini operation and start the change step by step. I know what are the risks of trying instant results. There are many reasons why extreme diets are not recommended and are considered dangerous by specialists. There is no miracle diet…
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Products light vs. healthy diet

Why Low Calorie Products Can Be Harmful? Even more if you compete with healthy habits, a balanced diet and the trouble to lose weight. A product of low nutritional quality does not automatically become a healthy product in its light version. The only requirement you need to show off this label is to contain 30%…
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Start tanning, but do not be a risk to your health!

At this time many outfits are beginning to require a higher tone, and before we force it in ways that damage your skin we tell you the best method. Homemade masks and a chord feed, will make you come to the summer with an ideal tan. If you are of those who like to be…
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¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita para volver a estar en forma?

Con el advenimiento de la primavera florecen las preocupaciones por el estado físico, pero es necesario que respetes los tiempos de tu cuerpo. Mirá qué debés tener en cuenta. De acuerdo a los entrenadores, un plan de 90 días debiera ser un tiempo suficiente para lograr volver a un estado físico saludable luego de meses…
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