Chewing food well can change your metabolism

Chewing food well is one of the most healthy and beneficial practices for metabolism as well as being one of the first tools to lose weight. Although chewing well seems a very simple habit to put into practice, the fact is that many people have problems to do it correctly. The craving for food or…
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Can not you sleep? Try with a banana tea

I discovered all the benefits of this super natural preparation and easy to make at home. If the important thing is to reconcile a dream of quality, do it in the most healthy way. Do you have trouble sleeping? Getting a good rest is not necessarily a privilege. Fortunately for those moments there is always…
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Routines of little time to not stop exercising

Busy days? Do not miss these tips to continue with your physical routines, without canceling them when the activity of the day becomes intense. Some people have a very busy rhythm of life in their daily life, this can limit them in not being able to exercise or perform alternate activities, canceling the time of…
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