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Do you want to make sure you have a good day? Take note

From dinner to shower influence the feeling of well-being that can make your day radically better. I followed these tips and start now! Start with dinner If you think that to have a good day just start with the morning error! The main thing is to sleep placidly between 7 and 8 hours (children not…
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Salt consumption is the largest cause of death in the world

3 out of 4 heart attacks can be prevented according to WHO figures globally. In Argentina, twice the salt recommended by this organism is consumed. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum intake of 5 grams of sodium per day, which is equivalent to one teaspoon per day (including one that contains processed foods).…
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The importance of taking vacations

Not only is it a recreational matter, it is a necessary interruption to the routine that clears the thoughts and relaxes the body and mind from ordinary concerns. Daily life involves many routines and monotony: work, family, home, etc. That is why it is necessary to break the schemes from time to time and give…
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