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Do you know what Vitamin E is for? Discover

It is recognized as a great antioxidant that is essential for health. This nutrient is found in several foods in a natural way. I discovered the complete guide of its functions and properties. Among the vitamins and minerals that our body needs, vitamin E is an essential complement but not always well weighted. Is that…
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Operation Summer: watch out for extreme diets!

Sudden changes in weight can have serious consequences on your health. Say no to the bikini operation and start the change step by step. I know what are the risks of trying instant results. There are many reasons why extreme diets are not recommended and are considered dangerous by specialists. There is no miracle diet…
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Products light vs. healthy diet

Why Low Calorie Products Can Be Harmful? Even more if you compete with healthy habits, a balanced diet and the trouble to lose weight. A product of low nutritional quality does not automatically become a healthy product in its light version. The only requirement you need to show off this label is to contain 30%…
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