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Why practice indoor cycling?

Know the physical activity that helps you lose weight, combat stress, tone your muscles and if that is not enough, it gives you 6 other benefits. In summer, move! As we have already said: exercising is very important for health. Whether walking, doing a sport or dancing, the important thing is that you put yourself…
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Why obesity is a subject to be addressed?

Know what it is and what are the signs of overweight. For its consequences to health, to obesity is necessary to prevent and reverse it, then: if you identify yourself in these indexes, you must put hands to work and take care of your body. Overweight and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive…
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Prevent and reduce the risks of sedentary life

What are those risks? I know in this note the projections for the health of the people and how much incidence have the daily habits in the consequences that it causes. For some time, science has been concerned with investigating and disseminating the strong correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and different health problems such as…
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