Are you in need of exercise? Learn how to listen to your body

The body sends signals but sometimes it is not easy to recognize, and in this case not only weight gain indicates that you need to exercise.

Your body is the perfect machine, it heals itself and does wonders but, like any machine, maintenance and if anything it starts to fail will send signals to warn that something is not quite right. And not talking about sounds like gears clashing against each other, but these signals that your body sends occur daily and often do not pay attention.

Sometimes we associate with exercise for people who are overweight or for some fans the perfect bodies but not only them benefits them, so it is necessary to pay attention to the following signs that may present your body and you announce that you need more activity physical.

Do you feel tired?

Present fatigue even after having had a great night's sleep, this is a clear sign that the body lacks energy and exercise you can give.

Own pain in the morning?

If anything is, for one night out of the ordinary or more agitated than usual (for example if you had a party) would be a normal issue that you wake up with some sort of pain, but if it was not so and just you wake up with pain in the morning, your body is screaming that need more physical activity.

Do you feel stressed?

Stress has become an everyday presence in the day, helps remove with a simple exercise routine, remember that physical activity releases endorphins, Proba jogging, biking or if you like excitement, Proba some contact sport to help you release excess stress.

Your digestion is a mess?

Exercise helps to improve digestion and the intestine is mobilized and this helps to prevent constipation naturally. We recommend simple exercises like yoga, a walk around the square or even dancing.