Daily habits that damage our health

To be healthy there are fundamental tips, but what about the small details of everyday life that little by little ruin your health and you do not even know?

Good health depends on your physical, emotional and psychological state, as well as following a healthy diet and exercising. Avoid harmful substances and learn how to handle stress. But the human body is very complex, each organ has a definite purpose. To achieve well-being and that everything works well, you have to have a complete nutritional diet, without excesses but with what is necessary to incorporate the quota of energy that the body needs. Then, the quantities are important.

  • Little salt.
  • Many fruits and vegetables.
  • Few fats and lipids.
  • Regular consumption of cereals and products of animal origin.
  • Regular physical exercise.

Daily habits that damage health

There are also some everyday habits that are mistakenly considered correct, and may end up damaging our body. These daily actions, however minimal they may be, when they are constant, have the opposite effect.

  • Stop sneezing

    Al cerrar la boca y la nariz durante un estornudo, aumenta la presión intracraneal. La circulación cerebral se interrumpe, se comprimen los vasos sanguíneos y los tejidos nerviosos. Esto puede provocar dolores de cabeza, daños a los vasos sanguíneos e incluso problemas con los oídos. No te contengas.

  • Use perfumes.

    La mayoría de los fabricantes usa sustancias sintéticas. Y estas sustancias pueden provocar náuseas, vómitos, somnolencia e irritación de ojos, garganta y piel. Los doctores aconsejan, de ser posible, comprar aceites esenciales orgánicos o usar perfume en un espacio bien ventilado.

  • Store food in plastic containers.

    Most plastic containers contain chemicals such as phthalates and bisphenol A. Preserving foods in them, for a long time, causes these substances to be absorbed and thus can affect the functioning of the endocrine system. And heating it "in plastic" using microwaves, speeds up the process. Doctors recommend using neutral materials: glass, stainless steel or ceramic.

  • Brush your teeth after eating

    Doctors have long warned that you have to brush your teeth at least after 30 minutes of eating, or better, after an hour. What happens is that foods and drinks, especially acid, affect the tooth enamel and the layer under the enamel, dentin. The friction of the dental brush pushes the acid closer to the dentin. This can lead to tooth enamel destruction and hypersensitivity.

  • Use antibacterial soap too often

    On the surface of our skin live many healthy bacteria that protect the body. The antibacterial soap frequently used, sterilizes the skin, giving it entrance to the dangerous bacteria. Dermatologists advise using antibacterial soap in case of cuts, scrapes and scratches. And it can be used no more than twice a week.

  • Wear pants too tight

    Even though it is fashionable, jean trousers very tightly tightens constantly the nerve endings of the skin. This can cause problems throughout the nervous system. In addition, the air circulation worsens, and the sensation of stinging and tingling in the hips area. As a result, the legs often numb.

  • Drink freshly squeezed juice

    Freshly squeezed juice is only healthy in small amounts. In some diseases certain juices can even be harmful to the body. For example, acidic juices (apple, lemon or cranberry, etc.) are not recommended in case of gastric ulcers. Grape juice, because of its high caloric content and excess glucose, is not good in case of diabetes and overweight. Also, do not forget that juices are strong allergens. Young children should drink the juices carefully, starting with small doses and following a consultation with their doctor.

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 Source: mejorconsalud.com; genial.guru