Operation Summer: watch out for extreme diets!

Sudden changes in weight can have serious consequences on your health. Say no to the bikini operation and start the change step by step. I know what are the risks of trying instant results.

There are many reasons why extreme diets are not recommended and are considered dangerous by specialists. There is no miracle diet that manages to make a change in your body, almost instantaneously, without affecting the health of the organism. Wanting to be well for the summer is understandable, but doing it drastically is not good at all, but involves a progressive effort.

They cause:

- Nutritional deficiency. It is almost impossible to obtain all the necessary nutrients, with the limitation of food, which directly affects the optimal function of the body.

Affection to the metabolism. The body normally requires caloric energy to function and, when making a hypocaloric diet, the organism is shaken and the metabolism, logically, collapses, its functioning derails and affecting its efficient rhythm.

- They hurt the body. Losing weight so quickly promotes the rebound effect: try to recover what is lost, thus aggravating the condition of the cardiovascular system.

Progressive is equal to cash

Looking for the immediate thing will only make things worse, what is necessary requires long-term planning and not expect "miraculous" results because there will not be. Effectively, lifestyle changes will have to be made, a gradual plan will be formulated with easy habits to sustain in the long term, increase the consumption of water and vegetables, begin to exercise regularly. Once the plan is put in place, it is easier to incorporate it into the routine and project it. The results will not be immediate but they will be real and healthy!

Consequences of extreme diets

  1. Binge eating: an unhealthy diet can result in feelings of deprivation. If excess calories are cut and very little food is eaten, the body is not being offered what it needs to be nourished, the consequence is often a need to make up for everything lost. The binge eating is sometimes the result of having spent too much time without the necessary nutrition and calories and they have disastrous consequences since not only fat reserves for the body would be produced.
  2. Loss of muscle mass: practices of diets that do not incorporate enough protein can lead to the loss of muscle mass. The body needs proteins to build, repair tissues and carry out a large number of processes. When not enough protein is consumed in the diet, the body will consume its own muscle mass to the detriment of the tonicity of the muscles.
  3. Fatigue and nausea: some practices involve extreme calorie reduction. The fast of juices or smoothies in which one spends days without consuming solids, often, cause unwanted side effects such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headaches.
  4. Eventual weight gain: the challenge with unhealthy diets is that they usually can not be sustained in the long term. You may be able to survive on a short-term basis of an extremely low-calorie diet, but over time you will have to eat regular meals again. It is much healthier and will have better results in the long term to adjust the diet little by little combined with daily exercise. When your body has energy, it can be more active and, exercising will develop the muscles, which helps burn more calories.
  5. Challenge for Mental Health: bad mood, irritability, susceptibility, are conditions that appear with hunger. Not eating enough calories, not having enough energy to carry out daily tasks, dizziness and nausea, all can combine to push some people to feelings of deep sadness or depression.

The best way to avoid the consequences of these diets is to establish healthy eating patterns. Do this gradually. Identify what is necessary to change and work on each component at the same time. Reduce calories gradually and exercise more.

There are no magic solutions, but a good diet and exercise do give results. To accompany the process and avoid these deficiencies of extreme diets, supplements are a good option. Our LINE OF SLIMMERS, a good complement combined with ASIAN CENTELLA WITH VITAMIN E to achieve effective results in a prudent time.

Start with a healthy change, not only for this season but for life.

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