Why detoxify our body?

The purification of toxins that our body accumulates after holidays and vacations, becomes indispensable to return renewed to face the new year.

After some excess of the end of year the best thing to return to the routine is to renew the energies of our body. And for that, it is necessary to get rid of excesses and all those allowed in recent months.

Detoxifying the body involves removing impurities from the blood through the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin. The process is intended to cleanse and nourish the body by eliminating toxins but also by replenishing the lost nutrients, thus giving innumerable health benefits. Get to know them!

Prevent chronic diseases.

Environmental toxins are responsible for many types of cancer, neurological diseases, heart disease and strokes, among other diseases. Our bodies have an integrated detox function to cope with these dangers, but those systems are constantly overloaded. Detoxification helps and enhances what our bodies are trying to do naturally.

It improves the functions of the Immune System.

Toxins and chemicals are stored in the immune system and the immune system decreases its ability to function properly. To this is added the extra energy needed in the processes of elimination, which causes our immune system to weaken. Performing a detox on a regular basis is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system and fight infections.

It slows down premature aging.

Detoxification frees the body from free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging. Detoxifying the body increases the absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants that help fight the oxidative stress responsible for aging.

It improves the state of our skin.

Detoxifying the body produces antioxidant benefits for the health of the skin, as it helps to protect it from environmental damage and premature aging.

It facilitates weight loss.

Toxins affect the body's natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are directly related to weight problems. Detoxification releases the body from toxins stored in fat cells and boosts metabolism.

When the body is overloaded with toxins and unhealthy foods, our systems do not work as well as they should and then get sick, hence the importance of detoxifying it. How? Very simple: following a routine of healthy and fresh food, take care of the portions, do not consume junk food and drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

To help the body to purify what it does not need to recompose the energies, you have Antioxidants. They are those who prevent or delay the molecular damage produced by free radicals, these are atoms or molecules that damage the structures that make up the cells. And they are generated continuously in the body due to metabolic processes, stress, poor quality of the daily diet, and there are also external factors that produce them, such as tobacco smoke, ultraviolet radiation, herbicides, environmental pollution.

Prevent the damage in your body and detoxify so that you can walk through this new year completely renovated.

Source: productosecologicossinintermediarios.es