FUCUS with L-carnitine

Traditionally used as a complement for weight-loss diets.


Fucus is a marine algae that has been used for food from time immemorial. Modern scientific research has confirmed how useful fucus is due to its high concentration of organic iodide and iodine; it is used to treat several conditions, especially those conditions related to the dysfunction of the thyroid gland.


Therapeutic indications and uses

Fucus has a high concentration of organic iodide and iodine, which makes it suitable as a coadjuvant in cases of hypothyroidism and weight loss.


Every 150 ml contains:

  • Fucus talos 12,5 g
  • L-carnitine 0,01 g
  • Excipients: ethyl alcohol, demineralized water.


150 milliliters.

Recommended intake

Take forty drops dissolved in water approximately 20 to 25 minutes before every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner.


People suffering from hyperthyroidism or allergic to iodine must abstain from taking this product. Not to be taken by either pregnant or lactating women, or by children. Not to be taken by people undergoing treatment with thyroid hormones.