Do you want to make sure you have a good day? Take note

From dinner to shower influence the feeling of well-being that can make your day radically better. I followed these tips and start now!

  1. Start with dinner

If you think that to have a good day just start with the morning error! The main thing is to sleep placidly between 7 and 8 hours (children not less than 9). To achieve this, I have a light dinner that your body can process easily and that the amount is the minimum indispensable, no binge at night. A sandwich, a salad, fruit or yogurt are some healthy choices. But beware, it is not good to suppress it altogether. Dinner time is also important. You should not lie down without first digesting dinner, so we recommend you do it at least two hours before going to bed to let the body digest and avoid heaviness during sleep.

  1. Established a routine

In order for your body to truly rest, it is important to establish a routine, a fixed schedule for sleeping and awakening. Although it sounds boring, you have to be routine, do not change schedules. To fall asleep at the same time and to get up always helps the body to get used to being certain hours at rest. And when for some reason, they did not sleep all the necessary and usual hours, they have to be recovered with a nap.

  1. Wake up with music

Although it is not proven that the sound used to wake up has an effect on performance, it is more pleasant and soft to do with music. However, if you rested well, the alarm should not be necessary since your own body, biologically, will know it's time. And do not hesitate to pause the alarm, no more than three times, this is important because it helps your body and mind begin to clear themselves little by little.

  1. As a cat

To start the day well there is nothing better than to stretch. Yes, just as a cat who just woke up, is the only way your muscles are activated and relaxed.

When sleeping, the body spends a long time inactive, and just like preheating before exercising, stretching is very good and should be repeated at any time of the day, especially after sitting for a long time to relax muscles.

  1. Do not jump out of bed, literally

Do not take your body by surprise, the best recommendation is to wake up and stay a few more minutes lying down, then sit in bed and use that time to think and analyze what will be done in the day, without worrying, rather, in a positive way .

Finally, in no more than 10 minutes ... up and get started! The delay of the alarm can help you with this.

  1. Breakfast and snack!

Never, never, begin your activities without breakfast. It is the most important thing to do, so all the batteries are loaded. If you can have a full breakfast that includes protein, cereal and fruits, excellent.

Do not overdo coffee consumption, at the end of the day, all the caffeine consumed can be a stimulant so you do not sleep.

  1. Do not hurry

Running out of the house to have the time against is not the best thing you can do. To go against the clock, the only thing that makes you is to stress you over something that you can control perfectly. If you propose to set an exit schedule your profits are many, because even your mood will not be altered by traffic and haste.

  1. Move for 10 minutes

Although the ideal thing in the morning is to have a complete exercise routine to keep you healthy, moving your body for about 10 minutes also helps. Walking or using a device at home is good for activating the body, filling it with energy, keeping you healthy and fit.

  1. A good bathroom

Since you are out of bed ideally take a good bath and stay in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes, to wake up, wake up and turn on the batteries. And if you can take it, at the end will close the hot water and leave for a few seconds to pass through your body cold water.

  1. Do activities that give you pleasure and satisfaction

It is important to develop creativity and carry out activities that give you pleasure and well-being. So try something you like a lot, at some point in the day, that will add to make you feel at home every day.