Reasons why you should exercise in winter

Training in cold weather, doing well, enhances physical performance, strengthens the immune system and allows us to burn more calories. You have to follow some rules, and if you were thinking of hibernating and returning to the gym in the spring, do not stop reading.

It is inevitable that with the arrival of the cold we will want to stay at home, sitting on the sofa or having a hot coffee. However, if you manage to get up from the chair and go out to do some exercise, you will soon notice total well-being.

And so you do not make excuses, you have two options that offer you many variations.

-Outdoor activities such as walking, jogging or playing sports in open spaces, provide us with an extra dose of relaxation and well-being when in contact with nature.

-Asist a gym or club: it allows you not to be aware of the climatic conditions to train and opt for different types of classes or training systems.

The most important thing in both cases is that you choose something that you like, motivate you, and be suitable to your possibilities.

So ... Why is winter the best time to play sports?

You will consume more calories

With the loss of body temperature, our body is forced to increase its metabolic activity so that the cells consume more energy and transform it into heat, which means a greater expenditure of calories.

Therefore, if we add physical exercise to the cold, we increase energy expenditure in two ways: on the one hand, the contractions of our muscles during exercise imply a significant caloric expenditure. And on the other, to correct the imbalances in temperature, air and body fluids that exercise causes, our body has to maintain active processes that also consume energy.

In this way you will be able to compensate the caloric intake of the winter meals, thus being able to maintain your ideal body weight.

Strengthen your immune system

A work published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, already in 1999, concluded that exposure to cold under the effects of exercise increases the number of leukocytes and granulocytes, responsible for the functioning of the immune system. But today a warning is made about it. We must be cautious: when a very demanding or prolonged activity in time is added an excessively low outside temperature, the effect may be the opposite and weaken the immune system.

On the other hand, older people, those who suffer respiratory problems, such as asthma, or those who are immunocompromised, have to avoid the most frigid hours. If the thermometer shows less than zero degrees, they should try not to go outside, especially to exercise, because when it is done with cold, there is no time for the air that enters the lungs to warm and humidify as much as when it is at rest. Then it becomes an irritant to the respiratory system of these people.

Improve your physical performance

Yes, he will do it. But, before starting up you will have to preheat, to avoid possible injuries and promote metabolic efficiency. Otherwise, the cold could cause very painful muscular discomfort, in addition to preventing you from doing well.

Taking all precautions, the practice of sport with cold will improve your physical shape. This thanks to that, to tolerate the lack of heat and exercise, the body has to 'adapt'. These adaptations make him stronger and improve his condition in many aspects: he increases the cardiac capacity, increases the total liters of blood and air per minute that the person is able to breathe at high intensity of exercise, in addition to the cells grow Muscular Thus, in the following trainings, these adverse conditions will mean less stress for your body, because you will be much more prepared to face them.

You will create a positive routine preparing you to be in optimal conditions in the hot months

Exercising in winter will make our body and mind get used to physical exercise throughout the year. In this way, when the temperature starts to rise again, we will have an optimal physical condition and we will not need to train urgently to see ourselves better with less clothing.

It will keep you away from seasonal depression

While we are doing physical activity, our body releases chemical substances-neurotransmitters, endocannabinoids and endorphins-that help us maintain or regain our state of well-being. By staying at home without moving, do not take advantage of the few hours of light that have the days of this season, which also stimulate, and then it will be much easier to feel low spirits.

Exercising daily, you will also achieve, disconnect from your routine, socialize with other people and set goals that open up possibilities.

You will get an extra dose of vitamin D

Although it is cold, exposure to the sun allows our body to synthesize vitamin D, responsible for keeping our bones strong. So take advantage of the clear days without rain to go for a walk or do outdoor sports.

You will be better hydrated

With exercise increases the amount of plasma in the blood, which promotes hydration. One of the biggest dangers of practicing sports in summer is dehydration, a picture that is much less likely to occur during the winter, since we lose less water through sweat. By increasing the amount of blood plasma, which is made up of 90% water, an advantage is being achieved since in these months the water consumption is also reduced.

Even so, it is essential to take precautions: protect the head and neck, which is where we lose more heat - up to 50% - and take care of the most distal parts - away from the center - of the body, like the feet and hands, with greater tendency to freeze. So to come out with long socks, gloves, hat and collar.

The ideal is always to dress in three layers:

1- Hidrófuga: es decir que expulse el sudor, nada de algodón ya que éste absorbe el sudor y deja el cuerpo húmedo.

2- Thermal: currently there are highly breathable thermal synthetic fabrics, with little weight and thickness, which protect very well from inclement weather.

3- Windbreaker, waterproof and breathable.

Right after training you have to warm up very well, even if you are warm, to avoid the cold and its consequences. Since the body went into heat but not the environment.

And now that you know all the advantages of doing sports in winter, leave laziness aside and take advantage of the benefits of the cold to ACTIVATE! Your body will thank you!