Under the premise that "SUCCESS OCCURS WHEN PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY", NATUFARMA has not ceased in its commitment to the production of safe and efficient products with rigorous quality controls. We understand that quality is created by working with the utmost care throughout the processes, from the selection of raw materials, the monitoring of production processes, and the final verification of finished products so as to reach consumers with the best proposal in the market.

NATUFARMA was founded in 1985 when Hernán Perín, the company’s founder, decided to begin manufacturing pharmaceutical products of natural origin. Among the first products were Carotenes based on carrots, one of the most iconic products of our line, and Valerian, which was the first compound of natural origin with sedative properties. Later, other pharmaceutical forms were produced, such as tablets, capsules, and syrups, according to market demand and preference. Nowadays, our company offers different brands and product lines to meet the different demands of the population as regards prevention and health care while always making use of raw materials of natural origin.

In 1998, a modern plant was built to meet the most demanding standards for the production of extracts and essential oils intended for the manufacturing of medicines, nutritional supplements, beverages, etc. The protection of raw materials of plant origin in order to preserve their active principles without damaging them, thus providing their maximum potential, is of paramount importance.

At present and constantly seeking the growth of the company, Natufarma is working in two specific areas: our own brands and manufacturing for third parties; the latter can be found within the domestic and international markets.

Our Brands

Base line

Products designed to complement daily nutrient needs, contribute to proper rest, freedom of movement, vitality at every stage of life and support in every season of the year.

Líneas especiales

Formulaciones innovadoras para contribuir a la mejora de la estética corporal, fortalecimiento del rendimiento diario y el cuidado integral del cuerpo.

Our people

People are the great makers of great things. Those of us who work at NATUFARMA are aware that healthy human relationships can create healthy products and, in this sense, we take care of ourselves.

We try to make our workplace a space of creativity and well-being during the time spent there. We believe that this is the only possible way to create healthy products. Emotions are transmitted from people to their creations, and that is the reason why we try to transmit said human quality to the quality of our products.

A professionalized performance gives us peace of mind. We prepare and train ourselves to work better and take more care of what we do every day - better quality products for a better quality of life.

We are humans with resources willing to provide them for the well-being of our consumers.


In order to be even more sure that we are doing the right thing, we set ourselves our own auditing challenges, which are carried out internally and externally. We monitor ourselves and, in turn, ask to be monitored as well.

There are extensive internal audit processes where we challenge ourselves on what we do and how we do it. We look in the mirror to be a little better every day, aiming at the best version of ourselves.

This is also corroborated with external auditors who guide us and make sure we are doing it the right way. HACCP and GMP standards, as well as audits from industrial customers, help us to improve day by day.

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